Blurb is a leading advertising agency in Goa - online and offline advertising
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Blurb is a leading Advertising Agency in Goa that consults businesses on the best way to chalk out a media plan, based on their budget. We integrate advertising into the marketing strategy of our clients, to ensure that the brand gets maximum reach. This consists of online advertising and offline advertising. Not only do we work with media houses to negotiate the rates that are good value for money, but we also create all the copywriting, graphics and videos in-house.

Bollywood blockbusters bring in large crowds, which makes Inox cinema adverts a fantastic way to advertise to your preferred audience. We specialize in scripting videos that are engaging for the big screen. We also source the best advertising hoardings for our clients around Goa and write catchy jingle scripts for radio. While print media advertising is losing some ground to digital marketing in Goa newspapers adverts still have the wide reach. We regularly receive discounted rate cards for special day advertorials.

Magazines about Goa are distributed in hotels and other establishments like newsagents, supermarket counters, and dentists, which gives them a sufficient reach. We also create posters which are displayed at various locations like lifestyle cafes and hostels. As we regularly take on social media marketing services for our clients, we also place online adverts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Zomato and Trip Advisor.

Goa is the smallest state in India, but at the same time has domestic and International tourists visiting regularly. This presents an interesting challenge for advertisers because you often have to create different messaging and use different media to reach different audiences. At the same time there are many high profile celebrities who can be reached in Goa, so launching a product in the sunny state may give it a higher brand value than in a metro where other brands are also vying for attention.