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Beetle Pub Goa

Beetle Pub Is The New Ride In Town!

The curvaceous shape of the Volkswagen Beetle made it the most recognised car on the planet. This iconic automobile turned 80 recently and around the same time it was announced that the Beetle would no longer be sold in India. Beetle enthusiasts, Jaydeep and Sheetal Rajebhosale, proprietors of Marbela Beach, the famous club and boutique hotel in Morjim, are fans of the vintage car and decided to name their pub after it, in Porvorim. Jaydeep’s first family car was a Volkswagen Beetle which the Rauji Rane family bought in the sleepy village of Malinguem in Bicholim. It’s edgy yet curved shape fascinated Jaydeep from the very beginning. Beetle Pub is a cosy space for lovers of the people’s car and was officially launched on Tuesday 21st August, with live music by one of the best young bands in Goa today, the Coffee Cats.

RajeBhosale family at Beetle Pub

                           Rajebhosale family at Beetle Pub

You cannot imagine the Beetle car, without thinking Hollywood. Remember Brad Pitt’s baseball bat scene in the Fight Club, or Adam Sandler being run over by a Beetle on the golf course in Happy Gilmore? What about Walt Disney’s Herbie the Love Bug, a self driving racing car? This association with sports makes Beetle Pub an ideal place to take a pit stop with friends and watch live EPL and Champions League football matches. It is endowed with plasma screens and tasty finger food, such as Loaded Nachos, Chilli Cheese Fries, pizzas, burgers, sandwiches and more. While your favourite soccer team celebrates victory on the field, you could also be raising a toast of it. The bar is well stocked with all your favourite champagnes, beers and spirits. The bartenders can also rustle up some delectable cocktails, which are very affordable when you take into consideration the ambience.

The Coffee Cats at Beetle Pub

                                 The Coffee Cats rocked the stage

Of course entertainment is always critical to the success of any pub and here they have enlisted the help of leading curators to organise music, comedy and other trendy events, so Beetle Pub will ensure that its guests are kept foot tapping to the acoustic fender guitar and DJ’s amplifier. The musical entertainment will lean towards live rock and roll and pop rather than electronic, as is the norm in casual pub environments, where locals can catch up over a drink.

Beetle Pub is situated in the Casabela Boutique Hotel in a leafy lane between the NH17 highway and Chogm Road. Beetle Pub aims to take its guests on a culinary adventure by exploring new food and cocktail concepts like Broccoli Cakes with Beetroot Mayo and Chocolate Covered Puri Shots. Breakfast is another highlight with eggs served with truffle oil, waffles, pancakes with Nutella and fresh fruit platters.

With plush interiors and a long bar, Beetle Pub hopes to be the smoothest new ride in town!

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