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In Goa, influencer marketing is still at a nascent stage, but Blurb has nurtured relationships with Best Influencer Marketing Agencies in Goa right from the beginning. We also keep a steady eye on up and coming influencers. Beyond Goa, Blurb works with a number of high profile domestic and some international influencers that can generate eyeballs. Matching the right influencer with the right brand or product is more of an art rather than a science. Blurb also creates various contests and offers to get the best value from the influencer for its clients.

It is worth noting that in the eagerness to grow fast; sometimes individuals buy fake likes to window dress the numbers. We don’t agree with this approach because it doesn’t convert into sales as effectively as organic followers. For these and other reasons, having an influencer marketing agency in your corner can help you get more bang for your buck.

Over the last few years, the influencer industry has grown leaps and bounds. In the past, it would be the big Bollywood stars, politicians or cricketers who would sway the opinions of the masses. Today these sets of people are still highly influential, it’s just that with the increase of mobile phone usage and the improved levels of internet connectivity, a slew of Instagram and YouTube celebrities have been created. The biggest platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have amplified the voice of the individual. Reviews on Zomato, Tripadvisor and Google are also important metrics in the hospitality industry.

The trust these bloggers and influencers build up with their followers takes a long time and their followers genuinely admire their content. On various topics, they are the go-to people, because of their expertise and character. Their personality shines through with every humorous post, rant, and rave. Many of these influencers started part-time and now due to their success have become full time. Influencers become more successful when they curate their content carefully in alignment with their unique personalities or preferences. Another factor is the influencer’s particular focus area. If you’re promoting a restaurant, then it is better to work with foodies or food connoisseurs who cater to that niche. Blurb carefully examines the profiles of influencers to select the best for our clients.