Blurb helps Branding Companies in Goa by building an Identity
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Every year new businesses such as hotels and restaurants enter the market in Goa. Look closely and you will notice that the ones that survive and become successful over time are the companies that have focussed on branding consistently, besides offering a great product or service. Blurb helps Branding Companies in Goa by
building an identity that clearly stands out from the rest. Through research and consultation with the client, we come up with a strategy that raises the perceived quality and value of the brand in the customer’s mind. From designing the logo to taking care of event promotions and brand communications, Blurb is a one-stop solution for branding companies in Goa.

Our process for branding includes determining our clients target audience, competitors and identifying the USP. Once the logo and press note is completed, our team gets foundational material to use for social media marketing messages, event promotions and also when speaking to influencers about the brand. It is our endeavor to maintain high standards which include quality photography, innovative graphics and engaging video editing to best express the highlights of the brand. Each company that we work with have different USPs and we treat clients individually. Events and music programming, content creation, media relations, digital marketing, and advertising are just some of the methods we use to amplify our client’s brands.

Apart from building new brands to be launched, we also work with many businesses that have to be rebranded and given a new lease of life. On some occasions, it could be a few minor tweaks and extension strategies that we suggest and sometimes the brand needs a complete rework, from the logo to the location. As Goa is a seasonal international tourism hotspot, you truly have to think locally and globally to survive. This is where our experience in brand consultancy is crucial.