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Experience of a Lifetime

Nikita Barve

As a young, aspiring professional in the cut-throat, yet exhilarating field of advertising, it can be daunting to find your niche and assimilate yourself in the nitty gritty, industry landscape. Finding a reasonable internship where you don’t go home crying and feeling defeated at the end of the day is even more of a formidable task.

Having said that, I am eternally grateful for my internship with Blurb Goa. Through this interactive and enriching experience, under the mentorship of a fabulous boss lady, and some wonderful warm people, I significantly grew both as a person and as a professional. What’s even heartwarming is that I was valued as an intern and treated like a true team member.

As an intern at Blurb, I had a multitude of tasks ranging from formulating content calendars, to editing databases as well design-related work. I was even taken for a shoot at Vivanta Panaji. It was one of my favourite days at work; maybe my opinion is a little biased due to the fantastic food we were shooting and later savoured there! But I was awed by the kind of professionalism and dedication everyone works with, and I realised that even in a small place like Goa, the advertising and marketing industry is still flourishing.

The greatest thing about Blurb Goa is that even though I had less time and lots to learn as an intern, the working environment was so great and enjoyable, that I never felt pressured or intimidated. In fact, it was the kind of place where I would look forward to going to work every day!

At Blurb we like to work with interns and influencers to build the marketing ecosystem in Goa.  If you’re interested in working with us, then do drop us an email on blurbgoa@gmail.com.



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