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World Vegan Day Artjuna

Five Places to Enjoy Tasty Vegan Food in Anjuna

World Vegan Day is celebrated on the 1st of November each year. So where can you tuck into some appetizing vegan delights in Goa? In Anjuna, there are many vegan friendly businesses catering to the tourists that visit Goa. This delicious food is not just for people who don’t eat meat, but also for those who like to try something a little different while on holiday. Here are five places in Anjuna you can do just that:

  1.       Bean Me Up

Bean Me Up is a purely vegan restaurant where you can also enjoy a delightful bed and breakfast menu. It has a chilled out vibe with cool music. You can try out the Tofu Burger, Tempeh, Seitan and other vegan offerings. You can also devour the Buddha bowl, Hummus with Pita Bread, Bean Lasagne or Vegan Omelette. The pastas, smoothies and desserts (too many to mention) will also satiate your taste buds. It’s worth noting that a lot of the organic ingredients is grown by the team. The Bean Me Up owner has also started a newer cafe called Ma Cafe in Ashvem, just off the beach at Leela Cottages.

  1.       Artjuna

Artjuna is a vibrant lifestyle cafe which is set in an open air garden. It is focused on cuisines from the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Hummus, Falafel and Tahini are very popular on the menu. Soups, salads and fruit smoothies are made using fresh ingredients, making you feel light and healthy. There are also opportunities to do activities such as yoga or martial arts, or you can simply read a book from the library and indulge in some retail therapy in the niche shop.

  1.       Natti’s Naturals Organic Food Store and Cafe

Natti’s Naturals has various vegan food items on the menu. These include many superfoods that you must have seen and read about, such as Quinoa Pancakes. Now is your chance to to try them. The breakfast bowls and smoothies are very popular. If you want to try a number of delicious dishes together, then go for the Mezze Platter. There are also vegan desserts worth a special mention such as the Acai Berry Cocoa Cake.

  1.       German Bakery

The German Bakery is an eclectic place to relax and enjoy some wholesome food with friends or family. The bakery meticulously sources its ingredients to give the best nutrition to its clients, such as importing grains from the Himalayas. No artificial colourings are used in the food and the shakes and juices are prepared without adding sugar, ice or water. Dishes include Tofu Cashew Nut Curry, Steamed Vegetable with Lemon Tahini Sauce and Roast Potato Fried Egg Mustard Sauce and Salad.

  1.       Baba au Rhum

Baba au Rhum is a popular French restaurant, known for its delicious freshly baked pizzas and vegetarian options. The Spinach and Feta Quiche and Flaky Croissants are a must try. The Vegan Tofu Thin Crust Pizza is yummy. There are also many gluten free options. One can even enjoy coffee with soy milk.

The vegan movement has gathered pace in the last few years, as people have become more conscious about the foods they consume. There are various challenges online to encourage a vegan diet. This year you may want to make a lifestyle change and try something from the vegan menu. Anjuna is a good place to start!

Do you know of any other fantastic vegan restaurants in Goa? Do let us know!

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