Blurb is one of the Leading Graphic Design Companies in Goa
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Our creative team works collaboratively and nurtures out of the box ideas. Blurb is one of the Leading Graphic Design Companies in Goa. We have become successful because of our focused and personalized approach to brand building. By working with clients for a long time, we understand their brand thoroughly and lay out a communication design strategy including identifying key messages, colors, fonts and copywriting. We believe that consistency is key when it comes to developing a brand’s personality and are successful at executing the perception we wish to portray.

Graphic Design

We are one of the Leading Graphic Design Companies in Goa. We regularly do all kinds of design work from Instagram stories to video ads for the cinema. As technology and marketing trends evolve ever quicker, we work hard to be well informed and adapt international ideas to our local environment.


As we work with many of the leading restaurant brands in Goa, we specialize in food photography for social media marketing. Our team puts in the work to research the approach, prepare the client, gather props needed for art design and edit pictures as required.

Video Production

Our founder Sapna Shahani has vast video production experience, having worked for over a decade in the US and Mumbai as a TV producer for TV channels and production houses included Berkeley TV (California), UTV, Only Much Louder (Babblefish), and others. In Goa, she and other collaborators have executed many videos for hospitality brands including videography and editing.

Content Writing

We also write content for press articles, blog posts, websites, brochures, and flyers. Clear, descriptive copywriting helps the media and public to become well acquainted with the brand and builds brand recall over a period of time. We are careful to balance promotional messages with authentic information so as to enhance the interest in our client’s social media handles.

All these services under one roof enable us to develop a brand cohesively. From experience, we have seen that increasing a brand’s awareness on social media leads to a higher conversion and sales when it comes to lifestyle brands.