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Green Team Building Activities That Break The Ice

Many tourists visiting Goa are pleasantly surprised to find Olive Ridley sea turtles nestled on the beach. Yet if they were to venture a little further into the hinterlands they would be able to discover a whole lot more wonderful species. More and more corporates are also visiting the beautiful state for meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions (MICE). Team-building workshops is a segment which is gaining wide popularity. Rather than sit in an air conditioned room and play tug-of-war for two days, there are more awe-inspiring ways to gel with your colleagues. Nature’s Nest eco resort offers team building activities that lets you do just that.

The moment you enter a land where you’re cut off from the world for a few hours, gives you pleasant goosebumps. Low range and no internet access means there is little chance to make a quick call, reply to an email or use Google to find an answer. You just have to rely on the pretty round thing between your ears to come up with a solution. Furthermore, the last shop was a few miles away, which means your money is deemed useless. You are now pondering getting back to basics. Don’t know how? That’s the beauty about nature. You naturally adapt to your environment.

As you set off on a trek into the wilderness, not knowing the route ensures that you stay close by keeping one eye on the guide and the other on your teammate behind you. This first lesson builds great alertness. Providing a helping hand to a colleague while crossing a flowing cold stream during the monsoon emphasizes teamwork. In the forest, disposing of waste in an environmentally friendly manner is a significant way of taking ownership for your actions.

Return back to base camp where WiFi is available, but rather than fiddle with your phone you’re more interested to take part in the adrenaline fueled activities such as rappelling. These are considered more individual pursuits. Nevertheless the team mates who show great courage and leadership to go first, bring back vital information that can make your experience a better and more enjoyable one. The flying fox activity produces a surreal experience, that makes you feel like a Peregrine Falcon.

In business, the altitude of how high you soar can more than always be determined by your attitude. Getting the most out of your team is a big challenge and can feel draining at times. Going from okay to good and good to great can mean the difference between survival and sustainability. A couple of days away from the office can transform the mindset of your team. This is not to say that all your challenges in the office will be solved come Monday morning, although a unique evolution will take place. This could provide a kind of SWOT analysis that can determine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the business, without actually stepping into the boardroom.

It is worth remembering that anybody that comes into contact with mother nature should put in more than they take out. From discovering how engendered animals live, to watching the life cycles of plants while on tour, we can learn from the simplest of systems and transform them into our own day to day processes. This can make our work spaces more effective, such as waste segregation or building a birding nest.

In his early days, the richest man on the planet, Jeff Bezos spoke about building ‘two pizza teams’ at Amazon. If he couldn’t feed a team with two pizzas then he felt it was too big. To add to this, you also have to find the right ingredients. A base filled with teamwork, competitiveness, ownership, leadership, adherence to ethical practices, problem solving skills and specialist knowledge is bound to create a recipe for success.

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