Blurb is one of the leading hotel marketing companies in Goa
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The travel and hospitality industry is the largest industry in Goa since the mining ban. Nurturing and developing this industry is critical to Goa’s economy. Marketing is a key component of any industry’s development. Ninety-five percent of hotel bookings are now made online. In the digital landscape, sales and marketing yield better results when they are integrated. Nowadays, social media marketing and influencer marketing are some of the best tools for brands to tell their stories.

Blurb is one of the leading Hotel Marketing Companies in Goa when it comes to brand development, which is critical for luxury hotels.

Although we are still a young company, we aspire to be the Best Hospitality Sales and Marketing Company in Goa and are well on our way.

We have worked with luxury brands like Vivanta by Taj Panaji, Fort Tirakol, Tamarind, Anahata Retreat and Sol de Goa, among many others, managing their social media handles, public relations, photography, digital marketing, events and more. Besides luxury brands, we have also worked with experiential hotels and resorts like Nature’s Nest,  Mangaal Farmstay, Viva Chorao, Roadhouse Hostels and others adding value through our creative graphic design, contacts to the travel industry, knowledge of increasing engagement on social media and most of all, a brand consultancy.

Discerning customers these days make their decisions based on the ‘personality’ of a hotel rather than the price tag alone. This is why it is critical for a hotel to define their USP and work with a creative agency to consistently communicate its strengths to their target audience. Blurb specializes in undertaking the varied creative communication tasks that are required to achieve a positive impression in the minds of potential guests. Our clients get more value for their investment in a marketing resource by employing a specialized, skilled agency rather than one employee as we have the benefit of perspective across the market and can advise you based on real-life experience.