How to Reach Us | Blurb public relations agency based in Goa
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Blurb Public Relations Agency in Goa

Blurb public relations Whatsapp group

Whatsapp group – Blurb & Goa Events 

Facebook group – Alternative Goa – to learn about interesting events coming up in Goa.

Looking for a job in the hospitality industry in Goa? Check out
our Facebook group – Hospitality Jobs in Goa



Registered Office: Villa E, Villa Riviera, Nova Cidade Enclave, Porvorim, Goa 403521

Postal Address: House 633(2), Between Phase 1 + 2, Defence Colony, Porvorim, Goa 403521

Join Blurb's Mailing List

The best way to get in touch with the whole team is to send an email to or if you want to reach any of us individually, then email our first name You can phone or Whatsapp us, send a message on Facebook or Instagram as well. Our email list, Facebook and Whatsapp groups are great ways of finding out what events we organise in Goa.