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Hotel marketing Goa

In Search of ROI for Hotel Marketing

ROI is the three letter word which every hotel looks for when hiring a marketing company in Goa. That hasn’t changed over the last four years since Blurb launched as the first digital marketing agency in Goa, exclusively serving the hospitality industry. Since then we have seen quite a lot of SMM service providers in Goa opening up shop. This has positively increased the competitiveness of the market, which has prompted greater content and creativity from the marketing agencies in Goa.

Brand Building Through Storytelling

A hotel may have had an experience with agencies in the past in which they did not get that personal touch and attention to detail. This may have caused many companies to abandon social media marketing completely after a short period of time or instead have someone in-house update the Facebook and Instagram pages occasionally. It is important for the client to understand that social media marketing is more than just updating social media handles. It is also about consistent brand building through storytelling. Compared to other traditional forms of marketing it provides greater value for money, as you can even create adverts that attract your target audience based on their demographics.

Five Staah Service

As a digital marketing company in Goa, we also synergize with online travel agency channel management firms. These businesses use technologies such as Staah to allow hotels to track its inventory on various platforms on one dashboard. Promotional offers are also made on the website. Through social media marketing techniques such as a call to action buttons, we attract customers to move from Facebook and Instagram to your website to avail of discounts, thus generating hospitality sales.

PR & More

Along with digital marketing, Blurb also provides public relations services in Goa and gets coverage for our clients locally, nationally and internationally. Furthermore, we also create beautiful artwork, which means you will not have to search for other graphic design companies in Goa. Having one vendor that can take care of all your marketing communications will not only be more cost effective, but it will lead to greater understanding of your goals and in the long term provide a return on investment.


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