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A few years ago, we created a Whatsapp group called Good Times Goa. This group has got many influencers from the fields of hospitality and the media. It started out to share our client’s events with people whom we know we’re interested in this information. Over time, it grew to become a go-to group for everything. From searching for a reliable plumber to looking for homes for puppies our aim was to create a group which would add value to the local community.

Another group we created on Facebook was Hospitality Jobs in Goa, which has become very popular with over 9000 members. It has assisted many hotels and restaurants find experienced employees and at the same time helped many job seekers secure a good job. The goodwill from these groups has made Blurb an influencer in the field of hospitality in Goa.

Creating emotion, energy, and excitement around a product or service is what influencers do best. Influencer marketing helps companies to gain credibility, generate social conversations and enhance sales. In the past, businesses used to rely on word of mouth to produce sales, but day by day more brands are seeing the benefits of adding online influencers to their arsenal because they exponentially increase word of mouth about a brand. A large social reach, producing original content and building consumer trust are the major factors that have got more companies adding influencers to their marketing strategy. Micro influencers can also be very cost effective when compared to other forms of marketing.


Connecting brands with bloggers and influencers is a forte of Blurb that has reaped results, to the point that influencers connect directly with us, as much as we go searching for new trendsetters for our clients. Engagement, consistency of message and focus are some of the key characteristics that we look for when reaching out to influencers. These three qualitative traits are what we have found to be successful for us.