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Best Desserts in Goa

By Nyeree Viegas

Cookie Minaj Dessert

I for one am a hardcore dessert lover. All things baked or sweet, you’ll find them gone in minutes if placed in front of me, no matter how full I already am! After all, there’s always room for dessert. So I went on a dessert spree in Goa, mostly places in the north and found a couple of hidden gems that serve the best desserts in Goa at reasonable prices.

Here’s a list of the best, reasonably priced desserts you’ll find in Goa!

Cream Choc, Anjuna: Cream Choc is a quaint little gelato place in Anjuna, started by three Italians who moved to Goa for a life of peace and quiet. They have a variety of different gelato flavours along with cold stone gelato. Having travelled to Italy twice in the past and gorging on gelato every single day that I was there, I found Cream Choc to be the only authentic Italian gelato I have seen in the whole of Goa. Try their Salted Butter Caramel Gelato and I’m sure you’ll go back for seconds! If you prefer your dessert to be a little on the dark side, try their Dark Chocolate Sorbet –– it is a delicious bittersweet gelato made of rich, creamy dark chocolate. Not a chocolate lover? Try the Crème Brulee. Light and creamy with a hint of vanilla, it’s sure to please your taste buds.

Black Market, Panjim: Black Market is a casual fine dining restaurant situated in the heart of Panjim. They are known for their farm to table philosophy and fresh seasonal food. However, they also carry a small but fantastic selection of desserts, such as their New York style cheesecake, which is available by the slice or the whole cake. Creamy and authentic, this is a must-try!

Baker’s Street, Porvorim: A small café situated in Porvorim, Baker’s Street is every local’s tea time favourite. Best known for their homemade Donuts, they carry a plethora of flavours, some of which are chocolate, white chocolate, custard filled, blueberry, cinnamon, and double chocolate. My personal favourite is the Double Chocolate Donut which has a dark chocolate filling and tastes best when warm. Their donuts are so good that they’re always sold out by early evening, and sometimes even by noon! So if you want to try one, make sure you go there nice and early. Another one of my favourites from Baker’s Street used to be their Crème Brulee. However, they’ve discontinued it now so let’s hope they read this post and bring it back! (Pleeeeease, Baker’s Street!)

Bodega, Altinho: Located inside an art gallery, this little café is always filled with art enthusiasts or college students. They have the most photogenic eats — Chocolate and Red Velvet Cupcakes being the most popular. If you’re on Instagram, you’ll see that every Goan that has visited this place will have at least one picture of their cupcakes on their profiles and although I’m a chocoholic, like you’ve probably already noticed, my favourite dessert here is their Cheesecake, which has no chocolate, whatsoever. The mixture of soft cheese on that crumbly biscuit base is one of the most perfect ways to end a meal. It definitely comes under the top cheesecakes I’ve had in Goa.

Baba au Rhum, Anjuna: This place is primarily known for their wood fired pizzas and burgers; however, they also have a wide variety of homemade desserts. They don’t have a fixed menu for the desserts because they prepare them according to the ingredients available during the season or on that day itself. I never leave this place without trying one of their desserts because they’re always so innovative with their flavour combinations. The name ‘Baba au Rhum’ itself is a French dessert made with Rum. The last time I visited this place, I ended my meal with a Strawberry Chocolate Tart. Yes- Chocolate, again. Are you sensing a pattern here? Anyway, the combination of berries and chocolate is an age old one and everyone knows they pair extremely well together. The richness of the chocolate tart against lightness of the strawberry cream makes for the perfect summer dessert.

So, the next time you’re craving something sweet, hit the road and find your way to one of these places. And please lengthen this list with your own favourites!

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