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Duraiya Lokhandwala’s ‘Natural Style’

Duraiya Lokhandwala

Founder of Artree, with a degree in design, Duraiya Lokhandwala is not just an interior designer, but a lifestyle creator. A decade ago, an assignment to set up a lifestyle store for a client brought Duraiya to Goa. She fell in love with what she had created and offered to run it for two years. For her, that project culminated into a commitment to Goa. The services provided by her, under her company, ‘Artree,’ start at design and ends with professional execution.

As assignments have poured in, Duraiya’s evolution and alignment with the abundance of nature that Goa has to offer has also flourished. Her home is her muse. The interior styling using eco-conscious product designs launched a plethora of ideas capturing Duraiya’s creative instinct. This has led to the conception of collections using sustainable materials.

lamp on wooden base

Currently, her products range from furniture to artefacts such as lamps, service platters, wall art, and other home accents. Her thought is to create interesting single-piece designs to enhance the interior spaces, or “conversation starters”, as she calls them. Duraiya pays attention to minute details to make any area warm and welcoming. Her collections predominantly use natural textures and traditional methods. Using forms like clean lines and soft shades, she transports you to simpler times.

lamp on wooden base

If you walk through Duraiya’s personal space, her unpretentiously tasteful style is evident. It’s uncomplicated. She has a flair for adapting natural materials and bringing the eco-conscious orientation to design and making it impactful as art.

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