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Eco-Conscious Crafts Made in Goa

Sustainable living is a conscious lifestyle... it's about making conscious and healthy choices for long term benefits for the present as well as the future generations. Green living, recycling and upcycling, being environmentally conscious, are by-products if those small changes in your choices. Sustainable and green living are not synonymous with giving up comforts. 'Green beans' seem to be leading happier, more fulfilled lives. Blurb decided to connect with a few eco-conscious crafts businesses in Goa to find out about them.

Nonsensecurry by Jolynn Carneiro

Nonsensecurry by Jolynn Carneiro is a leading lifestyle brand in Goa, with a strong focus in aesthetics + sustainability. Conceptually, their focus is on staying organised, and reducing waste. Their core ingredient is Khadi, and for their sustainable packaging, the collect brown paper used to wrap tiles. You can also find lifestyle hacks on decorating your space on her YouTube channel.

Paper Maiden

Paper Maiden by Steffi Noronha is a unique wedding decor business. Sustainability meets vintage charm - her love for paper flowers and macramé shows in her made-to-order wedding accessories as well as wreaths. Over three years she has built a sustainable business, which pays for itself, and doesn't expect you to compromise!

Craftsy Bee by Chitra

Craftsy Bee: Chitra is a superwoman -- mother to an eight year old, a consultant by day, she makes beautiful energy charged macramé accessories and dreamcatchers. Her custom made rainbow felt hangers are the show stealers though. Encouraged by all the joy that she's able to bring with handmade crafts, to her and her clients, she admits that she just might get into it full time.

Deckle Print by Kashish Mehta

Deckle Print by Kashish Mehta, is a dream come true for all paper connoisseurs and calligraphy enthusiasts. She recycles used paper to make a variety of deckle edged coloured paper and takes custom orders too.

Craft by The Busy Bee

The Busy Bee is an expression of Priyanka's love for quirkiness and sustainability. You'll find cat print iPad sleeves, quirky print laptop bags, potlis, and much more! She'll even tell you how to upcycle your old pair of denims into a bag. Most of her products are upcycled! Sustainability is pretty, quirky and fun.

I hope this sneak peek into the beautiful world of sustainability in Goa has been fun for you! If we've missed any, do add more crafts home businesses in the comments section!

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