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Experience India’s First Tech-Art Museum at Sensistan!

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

What should you expect in a room full of techies together with an entire bunch of versatile artists? The answer would be Sensistan! An art-tech museum, which provides immersive and interactive experiences that expands people’s senses through combining technology and interactive art. Located in Badem, between Assagao and Vagator, Sensistan invites visitors to explore, while entertaining all their six senses.

Experience India’s First Tech-Art Museum at Sensistan!

Sensistan is the first-of-its-kind museum in India, which offers installations, performances and services that provide a multi-sensory playground for adults and children. Visitors experience a labyrinth of 15 unique rooms, each of which is structured with a specific theme, and takes the visitor on an alternate plane of reality. The aim is to allow individuals a chance to associate with art exhibits and establishments from around the globe, utilizing the most recent technologies like virtual reality, projection mapping, 3D imagery and light projections. A key theme of magic realism governs all processes and artists here. Musicians, designers, storytellers, visual artists, strategists, tech-artists from everywhere throughout the world have come together to set up the space as a tactile joy. Stephanie and Shammi, the driving forces behind the project, are working hard to bring many DIY, tech-art workshops, talks and events from across the world to Goa!

Across the indoor and outdoor open air zones, you’ll come across wall painting and sculptures created by various artists. Each room is designed with an alternative theme, including a laser room, a jungle room installation speaking to a rare bioluminescent growth found in the Eastern Goan jungles only for three weeks during peak monsoons, a reflection room with thousands of mirrors, a space for collaborative VR and 3D painting, a lab room for daily workshops and learning, a room with projection mapping and motion sensors and even a zipline!

Once a week, Sensistan organizes a unique dinner experience that is for all senses. Immerse in Sensistan’s magical story told through projection-mapped visuals on your plate and a curated menu designed to hack your taste buds while you enjoy fresh air on their rooftop!

The overall idea of the space is to bring experience interactive, multi-sensory entertainment in Goa. Check out their Instagram handle for the latest updates.

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