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Getting Around in Goa: Here’s All You Need to Know!

By Jessica Albuquerque

Goa is one of India’s biggest holiday destinations. Travelling to Goa is on almost everyone’s bucket list. From its luscious farms and hills to its breathtaking beaches, the state of Goa has something for everyone. Even though Goa happens to be India’s smallest state, it seems huge once you’re here. Travelling in Goa, from one place to another, can be tiring and cumbersome but don’t fret we’ve found the best and most efficient ways of transportation for you!

Rent a Car or Bike

If you’re the kind of traveller who loves to wander and explore hidden places by yourself, then this is just the mode of transportation that you should opt for while in Goa! Car or bike rentals are found in all the major tourist areas or localities in Goa so you don’t have to stress about pre-booking one.

Pic Credits: Manish Chopdekar

Renting a bike or scooter is more economical than a car and when in Goa, travelling by scooter is definitely a faster means of transport. The cost of renting a scooter per day is around Rs.400-500 (depending on the season) whereas geared bikes are more. Just remember to wear and helmet and it’s safe travelling!

Driving over new bridge

Pic Credits: A R Korgaokar

If you’ve come to Goa with your family or a bunch of friends and are simply not interested in riding in the heat, then travelling in a rented car is perfect. This form of transportation is safer and if you’re steadier behind the wheel than on a bike, this is definitely something you should look into. You can rent a car for the day for Rs.1000 onwards, depending on the model of the car and the rental. And with Google maps as your handy assistant, you can travel anywhere!

Hire a Taxi or Cab

Taxis are great if you want to sit back, relax and enjoy the drive. If you’re travelling to a far-off location in Goa, then this is the easiest and least tiring way of reaching there. This mode of transportation isn’t something you should opt for if you’re on a budget as taxi rates can go through the roof and fluctuate. It’s always safer to check with your hotel and ask them to recommend a reliable and safe cab service that they are familiar with. The average rate of the taxi in Goa is supposed to be Rs.8 per kilometre but this isn’t commonly followed by most taxi services. If you’re lucky and get a good local taxi driver he will show you places that are unheard off on most tourist maps but they definitely offer the best of Goa.

Another transport alternative that’s similar to a taxi is Goa Miles. You can always opt for this transportation service while travelling around Goa as it is a service provided by the Goa Tourism Development Corporation. Here you can book a taxi online through their website or app and pay online too. Goa Miles follows the approved government rates so you don’t need to worry about paying more than usual or being fleeced. Head over to their website or download the app for more information about it.

Travel in Local Buses

public bus in Goa

Pic Credits: AkH

To all you backpackers out there, this one is for you! Local buses are always plying across Goa and they happen to be the most economical mode of transportation. If you’re travelling from the North to the South or from Panjim to Mapusa then this is another means of transport that you can settle on when in Goa. In an express bus, you’re almost always guaranteed a seat and if you’re lucky you may just catch the rare AC bus. The express fare from Margao to Panjim is Rs. 40 and from Panjim to Mapusa is Rs. 12. If you’re confused while travelling about which buses go where don’t be afraid to ask a local or a bus conductor, they’re always happy to help!

Travelling to the airport has never been easier! The Kadamba Transport Corporation by the Government of Goa has started a bus service to and from Dabolim Airport so you don’t need to fret about spending through your pocket to take a cab. Now you can travel in an air-conditioned Volvo bus for less than half the price of a cab! There are buses at fixed intervals that travel through the day and night. Travelling from Calangute to the airport is Rs.150 per ticket and from Panjim to the airport is Rs.100 per ticket. You can call +91-832-2438830 or 2438831 for more details or email at

Travel via a Motorcycle Taxi or Pilots

The Pilot service, with a rather misleading name, is one of Goa’s unique transport alternatives. They are motorcyclists who you can hire to pick up and drop you off as you travel around Goa. You can find them at more prominent bus stands such as Mapusa, Calangute, Panaji, Tivim or Margao. But it is always safer to have their number handy so you can book them in advance for all your travel needs. Their prices vary from location to location but they are generally trustworthy and definitely cheaper than a cab!


rickshaw stand in Goa

Pic Credits: Evana Sequeria

Rickshaws aren’t a very commonly used form of transportation here in Goa but if you don’t want to travel by Pilot, Bus or Taxi then you can always travel by rickshaw. Like the Taxi services here in Goa, Rickshaws don’t follow a meter and are slightly costly but here’s hoping you don’t get fleeced!

Sail Goan Waters in a Ferry

ferry in goa

Once, Ferries were an incredibly common mode of transportation in Goa but with the rise of bridges and highways, they aren’t commonly used by all. That being said, people who live in the internal parts of Goa often rely on the Ferry for transport. You can sail the scenic Goan rivers to various picturesque places like Divar, St. Estevam or Chorao all for free on a Ferry! It’s an experience that you shouldn’t miss out on during your travels to Goa.

Travelling to a new place can be daunting and you can often spend through your nose on transportation once you’re there. We here at Goa Casitas hope we’ve made your travel plans a little easier with these insights into the different transport facilities available in Goa. If you’re looking to rent out a luxury villa or private apartment during your vacation in Goa, click here to find the perfect home away from home in Goa’s prime locations like Vagator, Baga and Calangute.

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