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It is All About Loving Yourself First: Yoga Perspective with Sharanya

yoga instructor Sharanya

The yoga instructor who wakes up at 7 am, yoga class or no class, Sharanya appreciates a quiet morning. The first moment of the day is for herself before she starts to give of herself to the world. “I give myself oxygen first,” she says, “the same way they advise you do it on a flight in case of need.”

It’s her secret of living life the way she wants to.

I flock to her class at Mojigao where she teaches five days a week. Her studio setting is in nature.

Her philosophy and approach to life is reflected in the surroundings where she teaches.

‘Start from the source’, a statement she finds intriguing as a yoga practitioner. She explores this in her class.

She sees everything happening in Goa from this perspective. Choosing to walk away from traditional luxury, she spends her time doing the household chores and has recently developed a passion for baking poi – the Goan country bread.

“No one teaches you how to be explorative about yourself or the environment.”

“Goa gives you the luxury and space to explore dimensions for yourself and practicing yoga can facilitate this exploration, so it allows people to unleash their creativity.”

As I take her class, I experience this facilitation. She is gentle, yet firm. Persuading, yet respectful. Stern, yet compassionate and understanding. Constantly examining paradigms she holds within or sees reflected around in casual conversations.

“It’s about finding the balance between what people from outside Goa bring into Goa while taking stock of the local pulse and needs.”

“The transition from being an aerial acrobat and performer in clubs to a yoga practitioner came naturally.”

yoga instructor Posing

Sharanya lives consciously and with deliberation, and this has helped her form her own definition of wellness.

“Wellness is this. Do things in your own time, sustain yourself, take in oxygen for yourself. You don’t have to do yoga… but anything that gives you joy. It’s different for everybody. So find your own orbit and be fine in it without judgement… Goa offers this,”

Her food is from non-descript places and I have the good luck of having her show me some. The food is simple, nourishing, delicious without creating a hole in your pocket but makes you whole. It ranges from simple salads, to Andhra cuisine. I get a taste of it and I am hooked.

Sharanya is popular, grounded.

I am left wonderstruck with the wisdom that is so much a part of her youthful existence. The child-like wonder with which she embraces each moment and explores it to uncover the wisdom and insight it affords.

What a wonderful way to live life!

Sharanya can be contacted via Instagram.

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