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Know Your Fish: Seasonal Fish Recommendations

Goan Seafood Choice
Pic Courtesy Know Your Fish

A million people are linked to the fishing industry with fish being the only source of nutrition. With the aim to raise awareness about the impacts of overfishing in Indian seas, a team of marine researchers are persuading hotel owners to adapt to a different menu by putting together a calendar for each species of fish. The first seafood sustainability guide in India states which months a certain species can be consumed and which months to be avoided in areas of the west coast such as Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka and Kerala.

Called Know your fish, this voluntary outreach sustainable seafood initiative is conceptualized by Mayuresh Gangal, Pooja Rathod and Chetana Purushottam, who love the ocean, fish and seafood and are interested in wildlife biology and conservation. The idea came about with a conversation with Dr. Nandini Velho, who pushed for the idea of a fish friendly menu.

Based on decades of compilation of research, this organisation aims to encourage consumers to eat seafood responsibly with infographics, calendars, videos and recipes. The team has already focused on more than 20 species but the list will grow. Four hotels in Mumbai and four in Goa are already on board to provide their customers with the Know your fish calendar along with their menus. The team also aims to approach supermarkets, corporate canteens and other retail outlets.

Restaurants such as Mum’s Kitchen in Panjim have already come on board whereas Melting Pot in Juhu, Sarovar Hotels and Goa Portuguesa and Diva Maharashtracha in Mahim are on board. Already creating a strong social media presence, this organisation can be reached on the Web, Facebook and Instagram! The website and social media pages provide monthly recommendations or one can even access monthly recommendations on their phone by sending the text “JOIN KYFISH” to +919220092200

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