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Places You Can Donate Old Clothes To

Written by Aliana Rodrigues

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. With the rise in waste generated in Goa, here are some of the places you can donate your old items instead of throwing them in the trash.

St. Diogo’s church in Guirim – Citizens of Sangolda and Guirim have started a 24 hours food bank for the poor and needy. Installing a fridge on the Chogm Road, Sangolda, they possess a full fledged kitchen. Besides the food bank, St. Diogo’s Church also has a blood bank, water bank, ambulance service and a clothes bank. If one wishes to be a volunteer or benefactor, they can contact the church if needed.

Sethu Jumble Sale – The Sethu Jumble Sale happens on the 16th of October from 9am to 6pm at Porvorim and accepts donations such as toys, books and magazines, CDs, stationery, clothes, toiletries and food. In order to give, one has to sort out their donations, repair what isn’t working and pack it in cardboard boxes or plastic bags, neatly labelled.

Bookworm Jumble Sale – The Bookworm Jumble Sale takes place in February and requests for items such as books, clothing, household, jewellery, shoes, bags etc. all to raise lakhs of rupees for the Bookworm schools and communities.

El Shaddai Charitable Trust – People can donate amounts as small as Rs. 100 a day to provide a home, food, clothing, education, medication and recreational facilities for a child in Goa. The amount goes into a single pot and children in various homes, centres and slum schools are supported through this.

Not only will you help to resolve the waste generated in the country but this will help you get rid of some of the items lying around in your house or locality. Donate now to help a cause and a person in need. And please add your suggestions of where to donate clothes too, in the comments section.

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