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  • Rhea Chaudhary

Six Tattoo Studios in Goa to Get Inked at in 2021

By Rhea Chaudhary

Tattoos ooze creativity and drama while celebrating individuality. Ancient tribal people used to stamp themselves with distinct tattoos all over their body and face as a means to stand apart. In Egypt, tattoos often marked significant events in the lives of women and the various stages of womanhood. Even today, it feels rebellious to get a tattoo etched into your skin. It reflects a cultish longing to connect with oneself in a single spontaneous act of defiance. In fact, it’s often cited as a prelude to stories about personal transformations and sometimes it even involves a metaphysical awakening of sorts.

Goa has been home to a pool of seasoned tattoo artists from far and near doing all types of ultramodern and traditional designs, with each one having established their own unique style. Here’s us spotlighting our favourite tattoo artists in Goa!

intricate mandala tattoo

From mythical deities of Indian and Greek origins to new-age spiritual designs including intricate mandalas, animal doodles and abstract motifs inspired by nature, forests and all creatures of the earth, the two brothers at Krish Studio who’ve been doing this for the past 13 years offer a holistic range of coloured and all-black designs to choose from or you can customise one to suit your soul.

This tattoo parlour on Calangute-Baga road will leave you inspired and coming back for more. They use disposable equipment to ensure safety and maintain medical-grade, sanitary conditions for their clients.

Location - Calangute-Baga Road

Contact +91 9860597442

Tattoo by Mukesh Waghela

Founded by a distinguished award-winning artist Mukesh Waghela who has had popular folks as his clientele and has been around for 14 long years, Moksha Tattoo Studio in Calangute is a safe haven for you to get your precious first, given the experience and expertise. They have two more branches in the vicinity in case you find any of their studios too packed during season time. Besides admiring his special work in abstract and traditional art with our eyes glued to these immaculate, realistic portraits being done under three hours or so, we also love the fact that Mukesh is personally offering in-studio training for anyone who may want to learn tattoo art. The man took the time out to show us some demo work by his super-talented students and we were in awe of it all.

Mukesh Waghela along with tattoo artist Sameer Patange have organized an online tattoo competition in 2020, currently inviting applications for a limited time and a nominal entry fee. If you’re an enthusiastic tattoo creator with a dream to have your own studio someday, this might be your chance to win some equipment to start off with, along with features and a possible guest spot at an international studio.

Location - Calangute Beach Road

Contact - +91-9881773312

Tattoo on chest

Dabbling in obscure themes and ideas, Ayesha Thapa and her tattoos enjoy a certain non-conventional status. Apart from the omnipresent line work, the Nepalese artist’s bohemian designs reflect upon the themes of consciousness and healing while borrowing elements from occult symbols, sacred geometry and psychedelic visions. We love how she opens up her third eye before the world doing the most imaginative and intuitive tattoo designs on people, subconsciously relaying the message of love and light. Hit up this travelling tattoo artist on Instagram if you would like to activate your pineal gland with a dose of pure art. Currently, you can find her in Arambol vibing to good music and fire dancing on the beach.

Location - Arambol

Tattoos on both hands

Inkbaba studio was founded by two brothers Sachin and Vishal. They do a huge variety of exceptional tattoo designs that will knock you off your feet. What makes them different is their zeal to host international artists from all over the world servicing their own clients. These guest artists do specialized work bringing their unique style and sensibility in tattoo design to India, be it Celtic or Japanese Tabori.

Inkbaba gets brownie points for using organic ink which results in faster healing. The creators will take the time to discuss your big idea and customize an original design as per your needs. With high-quality hygiene, sanitation standards and aftercare, Inkababa studio offers the dopest tattoo work along with a promise of a unique experience, one ink stroke at a time!

Location - Arambol

Contact +919892398949

Hand tattoo by Inkfidel Tattoo

Nestled in the heart of Assagao, this tattoo studio co-founded by illustrator and tattoo creator Duncan Viegas is great to get a minimalistic doodle on your body. This place specializes in small-scale tattoos featuring animal imagery, abstract art and colourful floral designs. Duncan’s work is beautifully intricate, detailed, feminine and full of life to say the least. Next time you’re on Anjuna-Mapusa road and feeling experimental, make a stop here and get inked!

Location - Assagao

Contact - 9820415684

Compass Tattoo on hand

Your search for a place to get a surreal watercolour tattoo in town is over. Inksanity is a tattoo studio that’s been around for almost a decade now and is run by Sebastian D’Souza with another branch in Mumbai. Sebastian is an award-winning artist with his own tattoo supply company called Kings Tattoo Supply. He excels in many styles like black and grey, colour and geometric to name a few.

Apart from his signature small-scale watercolour tattoos, he also does beautiful traditional motifs featuring shaded portraits of Indian gods and goddesses. Inksanity’s full-circle services include laser removal. So if you’ve got an oldie that needs to go, you can hit them up for an appointment and they will get the job done. Explore their guide to tattoo removal on the site to know more.

Location - Anjuna

Contact - 91 9967 363 828 | +91 9623634615

Think we’ve left someone important off this list? Do share in the comments section!

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