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The Warrior Who Chants Mantras

Women in White Seating

Smooth flowing still movements and a melodious clear voice personify Bindu.

As I watch her perform Tai Chi, her long limbs flowing in a movement that permeates with a stillness that is observable. A gaze so intense, it reminds me of a warrior focused on accomplishing the purpose of each movement.Bindu is an experience to be experienced. Her reasons for taking up Tai Chi convey the experience of the spirit and body aligned to create a music that uplifts. She is thorough in having me experience what she conveys through her session in Tai Chi. I find myself swept into the happy blend of stillness of movement and intense expression.

Women standing on one leg

A package that slowly unfurls to reveal a clear melodious voice that effortlessly chants Sanskrit mantras enunciating with a clarity that conveys the essence of the mantras. Bindu teaches children and adults. A child who listens to her teach his older sibling, sometimes creeps shyly to sit in her lap while she recites. Perhaps the most tangible experience of the effect of the vibrations of the chant is evidenced when the same child hesitatingly recites some of the mantras Bindu has been reciting! Bindu is often invited to chant mantras to provide an auspicious start to events in addition to teaching recitation.

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