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Tony Dewan Fills His Cup of Joy with Kefi

Kefi is Greek for abundance and Tony is the proprietor of Kefi the Café.

Tony Dewan

Born from a passion for fine food, Tony the foodie, bestows his energy with an abundance to create food in as perfect a way as possible. Everything must be freshly prepared is the mantra. No shortcuts and no pre-prepared stuff will do!

Abundance defines Tony and hence Kefi. The portions are abundant, as is Tony’s presence. The abundance continues to get reflected in his animated interactions with each of his customers who enters Kefi.

Tony Dewan Talking

Get him started on the why of Kefi and his experience of arriving in Goa and Tony launches into an animated narration of the food joints he tried. Discovering the best nondescript shack in Vagator that serves the best idlis amongst many others. Translating his experience of running a production facility to producing gastronomic experiences is a wide leap he has taken. The passion for freshly prepared food dominates as does his penchant for conversation with each customer!

I drink a smoothie following the taste of all the ingredients mentioned in the description on the menu. Yes the nuts are there, yes I taste the spinach as it shyly emerges ... did the description follow the smoothie or the other way round?

The freshness of the falafel hits my palate and the portion I thought as big for me is demolished to my surprise!

I come away thinking… for an experience of Kefi (abundance), Kefi is the place to go!

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