Public Relations Services in Goa as well as in India - Blurb Goa
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The media plays an integral part in shaping our day to day lives. This influencing effect can be gauged by the amount of media consumption taking place in India. While other parts of the world jump on the digital bandwagon, there are still a growing number of newspapers and television channels in India. The news is presented in English along with many regional languages and dialects.

This makes Public Relations Services in Goa as well as in India that much more complex.

Blurb provides Public Relations Services in Goa on behalf of our clients and our press coverage gets picked up locally and nationally. Our media relations include writing informative press releases, preparing press kits and interacting with media professionals to achieve the best possible exposure for our clients.

Having a good public relations strategy can be a more affordable marketing tool when compared to other promotional efforts such as advertising. Blurb’s public relations process includes conducting an audit of current media coverage, setting achievable goals and determining the target audience for communication. The next stage is where we identify interested and influential reporters and define the key messaging. We then create an effective pitch that communicates what’s exciting about the brand in tandem with the expectations of the media we are pitching to. Having the contacts of media professionals and maintaining those contacts is another specialization of a PR agency. Following up with our target list then takes place not just immediately but sometimes for several months until the article appears in the media.

Blurb has the arsenal at its disposal to handle your public relations, having built up a reputation of trust with the small and large media houses over the years. This level of integrity allows us to develop a strong rapport with journalists. The goodwill is passed on to our client base as we present stories for potential articles in a clear and concise manner, which focuses on the leadership of the particular media publication. While Goa is the smallest state in India by size, it is visited by International and domestic tourists, which makes it a unique cosmopolitan market when compared with other Indian cities or key metros. Our team’s experience in the hospitality industry and knowledge of the geographic region combines well to execute a media plan that suits a hotel or restaurants public relations needs in Goa and beyond.