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Simba beer

Simba Now Pouring in Bengaluru; Soon to be Roaring in Mumbai!

Beer lovers from across the country will soon get the opportunity to roar with Simba, as the exciting craft beer company is expanding to many major metro cities. It was successfully launched recently in Delhi and Bengaluru and soon Mumbai will get to explore the magic of the iconic brand. Simba craft beers of the Jungle Wheat and Jungle Stout varieties were launched in Goa in November 2017 and received highly positive feedback from locals, domestic tourists and International tourists. Simba was the beverage of choice at the Beer Circus, International Film Festival of India and the India Bike Week, which raised its profile further. This enabled the company to collect valuable insights from beer aficionados. The innovative Simba lion mascot design and branding has also ensured that the craft beer has gained a cult following.

Simba craft beer was created after the owner and CEO Prabhtej Singh Bhatia wanted to brew his own beer from the ground up, which was unheard of in the craft brewing circles in India. He did not want to outsource any part of the production in order to maintain quality. Bhatia soon got to work on putting his plan into action. Simba was set up to brew authentic flavourful craft beer, made with only the highest quality ingredients. The beers are created in small batches using finely crafted recipes, which give it an advantage over brews that are produced in a large scale. Months are spent by Simba’s energetic team, scouting for the finest malts and hops and creating experimental batches to perfect the flavour.

Simba beer is available in innovative varieties. Wit is a refreshing beer made with a hint of orange peel, coriander and lemongrass. It is light bodied which makes it crisp and easy-drinking. Stout is a dark beer, with an ebony colour and voluptuous mahogany head. It has a rich creamy acquired taste with a bold hearty flavour. Simba can be discovered in over 200 places in Goa which include the top bars and restaurants such as Antares, Bomra’s, Gunpowder, Marbella, Joseph’s Bar and Cantare.



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