Blurb is one of the Leading SMM Services Providers in Goa
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Blurb is one of the Leading SMM Services Providers in Goa. When we started working in this area in 2014, there was no other agency providing professional social media marketing services specifically for the hospitality industry. So we organized ourselves towards this need by creating engaging content, monitoring analytics, bringing dedicated writers, graphic designers, photographers and video producers on board.

We have worked with over 100 clients in Goa, and all have requested our SMM services. We also have a good network with local and national influencers who promote our clients through their well-followed Instagram and other social media handles. Identifying the right hashtags to use is another way to add followers. Engaging with customers by replying to comments and interacting with others from your social media handles is also important. All of this takes time and effort, besides knowledge and creativity. This is why it makes so much sense to work with an agency that specializes in social media marketing.

Some clients remark that they don’t like the generic content that other social media agencies have posted for them. But they appreciate our approach better since we have a dedicated project manager who customizes the content for the client. We define a specific graphic design approach, outline a strategy and share a social media marketing calendar with the client before starting to manage their accounts. This way, the client feels comfortable that we are speaking with one voice, which is essential.

Understanding Facebook, Instagram and Twitter advertising is also a big component of our work. Since the algorithms of the social media giants are such that only a small portion of posts get seen by your followers, it has become essential to put aside a budget for advertising, if you want to increase your following and ultimately grow your business.