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Thinking of a Hospitality Career? There’s Many Jobs for the Taking in Goa!

By Jessica Albuquerque

When people hear the term ‘Hospitality Industry’, they automatically assume that you work in a hotel or restaurant but it’s so much more than that. The hospitality industry is such a wide field, from hotels to cruises to event planning, theme parks and transportation and lodging. It offers a wide scope for job opportunities, but how do you know if the hospitality industry is the right fit for you?

It’s not an easy line of work, that’s for sure. So, if you’re hard working, outgoing, willing to climb your way up to the top and are okay with taking on a variety of jobs that probably don’t fit your conventional 9-5 schedule, then you should probably take a look at this field.

The hospitality industry is very important, after all tourism is the back bone of several economies like Goa for example. Most of the income in Goa comes in from tourism and with the increase of domestic tourists each year, more and more people are looking to start businesses in this sector. It’s a reliable sector because at the end of the day, people always want to visit new places, eat different types of food, drink and party.

The best way to get into this line is to join a college that offers a course on hospitality. There are several of those around Goa and a vast number in India. If not, you can always get a job. Do some prior research before applying for a job so that you know what it entails and whether or not it’s the right fit for you. Hands on work experience is always the most important thing in a job and in this field if you’re an enthusiastic worker it goes a long way.

In this line, you’ll meet all sorts of people and become part of a great work environment. Of course, you’ll always have people that you don’t get along with but people employed in the hospitality industry are generally fun, outgoing and well hospitable people.

This field offers you a chance to see the world, travel to exotic places and get paid for it. Working in this line offers you a global set of skills that can be applied almost anywhere in the world with a little bit of tweaking. The skills you learn in this industry may just be applied in other lines of work.

Check out the hospitality industry, you just might find your future job!

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