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Case studies - Black Sheep Bistro

This is how Blurb did it… Case Studies of Some of Our Restaurant Successes

Café Cotinga

Free Bird Nights Every Wednesday…

When we began working with this restaurant in Hotel Tamarind in Anjuna, the owners were not sure whether to keep the name or just use the name of the hotel, which is what the restaurant was also often known as. The north Indian cuisine was popular but the restaurant wasn’t getting many guests from outside the hotel.

We suggested that they keep the name (which is a Brazilian bird spotted on the property) and make efforts to popularise it so that outside guests would feel more comfortable going to a restaurant with a separate identity from the hotel. Keeping in mind the bohemian residents in Anjuna, we began live music nights on Wednesdays and chose artists that would appeal to the eclectic local community. We later branded the event ‘Free Bird’ nights to relate to the name of the restaurant.

We also changed the positioning to a café so that it would feel more casual and welcoming. We connected the film club Wallfly to the hotel and they started independent movies on Tuesdays, and promoted the venue as a culture hub open all year round. 

Some of the best live music acts in India have performed here including Madboy, Midival Punditz, Kumail and many more.

Black Sheep Bistro

The Start of Something Big!

While Prahlad and Sabreen Sukhtankar’s concept was a solid one from the beginning, it stands to reason that two years of working together on media relations, marketing consultancy, planning events, and everything else, may have contributed in some small way to help BSB become the #1 restaurant in Panjim.


Enhancing good branding into great public relations

Having worked with this restaurant soon after it opened, we have adhered to high standards of branding and have worked to explain the complex concept of two cuisines – Bengali and French – to the media, eventually gaining coverage nationally including being chosen as one of the top 50 restaurants in the country by Franchise India.

There are many more stories, but these are just some of the ones that we’ve worked towards for a longer duration. We hope strong lifestyle brands continue to brighten the tourism landscape in Goa for years to come.

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