Digital Marketing Services We Offer

Blurb is a boutique digital marketing agency, serving a small group of clients in a dedicated manner, so that they each enjoy personalized attention and feel supported by a reliable team. We operate on a retainer basis and our rates are competitive, offering great value and quality. Here are the core services we offer and a few examples of our work.


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Marketing, Brand & Advertising Consultancy

We advise you how to position your brand, where to advertise and whom to align with for best market results. We offer ideas and do the legwork required to widen your reach.

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Social Media &
Digital Marketing

Blurb advises you about where and how you need to be visible online, and we do all the writing, photography and design work required to make your brand look its best. We also monitor your engagement constantly so that your visibility grows.

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Influencer Marketing
& PR

We write press notes and reach out to influencers who have similar values and audiences to align well with our clients' growth.

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Content Creation

We carry out graphic design, photography, video editing and writing work for our retainer clients.

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Events & Music Programming

We use our creative curating abilities to conceptualise live music and other events, coordinate and promote the event to our vast network of Goa residents.

Website Development & Design

Having a strong and useful website is the most important piece of your digital presence. We design, write content and build it so that it shows up on Google where potential customers can discover you.