What We Do | BlurbGoa, one stop shop for restaurant promotion
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Blurb is a one-stop shop and accomplishes the varied tasks that go into publicity efforts. You can outsource your marketing to us and your business will become a success.

Our approach is customised for each client because we don’t believe in the cookie cutter approach. We apply lessons learned from the field and our bird’s eye view perspective about marketing in Goa.

Our work spans all areas of marketing and communications for lifestyle businesses including:

Social Media Marketing

We advise you about where and how you need to be visible online, and do all the writing, photography and design work required to make your brand look its best. We also interact with netizens so that your digital footprint grows.


Brand, Marketing and Advertising Consultancy

We advise you how to position your brand, where to advertise and whom to align with for best market results. We offer ideas and do the legwork required to widen your reach.


Media Relations

We write press releases, prepare press kits and interact with media in Goa, nationally and internationally on your behalf to get you the best exposure possible.


Visual Media

We regularly undertake graphic design and photography work for our retainer clients, as well as write content for articles, blog posts, websites and brochures.


Events and Music Programming

We use our creative curating abilities to conceptualise live music and other events, coordinate and promote the event to our vast network of Goa residents.



We operate on a retainer basis providing a combination of these services depending on what our clients need. Our rates are competitive and we focus on working intelligently, offering great value and quality to our discerning clients.