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Blurb was born in 2016 with a focus on serving the hospitality industry’s marketing needs. Over the past three years, we have grown steadily but maintain our high quality and service standards. This is evident from the fact that a majority of our clients continue to retain our services for over two years. 

We work with all sizes of companies, from small businesses to large corporate groups. We have also worked on a lot of launches… making a noise in the right circles to get the business off the ground. Do take a look at the list of clients we have worked with in Goa and beyond, as well as the testimonials to get an idea about our success rate.


Blurb has worked with a wide range of restaurants serving different cuisines in different areas of Goa from Panjim to Ashvem. Here is selection of some of the brands we have worked with recently. 

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We offer convenient one-stop services for hotel clients, from revenue management, social media marketing, to web development and SEO, including writing blog posts which are very effective in raising your ranking on Google. 

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Blurb has provided a range of services for retail clients from influencer marketing, social media marketing, graphic design, photography, video, brand partnerships and much more. 

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We have worked with several wellness brands, on social media marketing, creating brochures, influencer marketing and more, since we are passionate about promoting wellness in Goa

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