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Examples of Blurb's branding work


Brand Identity & Marketing Strategy

Every year new businesses such as hotels and restaurants enter the market in Goa. Look closely and you will notice that the ones that survive and become successful over time are the companies that have defined their brand consistently, besides offering a great product or service. Blurb helps companies to build an identity that clearly stands apart from the rest. Through competition research and consultation with the client, we come up with a plan for connecting the offering with the market demand. From naming, designing the logo, identifying fonts, colour palette and key messaging, we set you up for success. 


As we continue working with the brand, we identify a marketing strategy that consistently builds a personality that resonates with the target audience. Over time, this creates a connection with a community around the brand and supports adoption and conversion. 

Examples of Blurb's web design work


Web Design & Content Marketing

We have observed that a lot of web development companies are started by tech-leaning founders who tend to be less robust when it comes to design. At Blurb, we bridge that gap by creating and following brand guidelines while building your new home on the internet. We also put thought behind your user’s experience by researching your competition and identifying gaps in online searches that you can use to your advantage. 


We encourage all our clients to start a blog and help them create content that connects with new potential customers. Using tech tools and excellent writers to create engaging blog posts, we help our client's websites increase their Google rankings. 

Examples of Blurb's SEO content marketing work


SEO & Online Advertising

Thorough search engine optimisation is crucial to reach the goals you intend for your website, which is to attract new users to learn about your business and convert them into customers. However since it is a tedious activity, few agencies are able to deliver effective results. We believe in putting in the hard work to research before building your website, following technically sound processes and continuing to build credibility with Google to make sure that your business grows its visibility.

Examples of Blurb's social media marketing work


Social Media Marketing

Blurb has had extensive experience establishing personalities for our client’s lifestyle brands on Instagram and Facebook. We focus on increasing our clients followers organically, but also advertise to increase engagement or for lead generation. High quality photography and videography shoots, regular video editing and superior graphic design gives us an edge. We also dabble with LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter.

Examples of Blurb's public relations work


Public Relations & Influencer Marketing

With over eight years of experience in traditional PR, we excel at writing press notes that capture journalists attention, and network with the appropriate national media to get mentions that matter. Often, we are approached by journalists as well to assist with stories they are working on. 


Digital PR also helps gain credibility for your website on Google and we can work towards this end. 


In the past, businesses used to rely on word of mouth to produce sales, but day by day more brands are seeing the benefits of adding online influencers to their arsenal because they exponentially increase word of mouth about a brand. A large social reach, producing original content and building consumer trust are the major factors that have got more companies adding influencers to their marketing strategy.

PR and Digital Marketing Services
for Every Stage of Your Business

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