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Search Engine Optimisation = Befriending Google

You can read this as ‘Conquering Google Searches’. SEO is a series of activities you do that require marketing, technology and content skills to make your website appear prominently when potential customers search for your product or services on Google. 


It reduces the need to advertise on Google but takes 3-6 months to show results, so it’s a good investment in longer term brand-building rather than sales with a quick turnaround. 


At Blurb, we understand your business, identify the keywords your customers will be searching for and put those into the backend descriptions of your website pages for Google bots to read. This is like becoming friends with Google minions to climb up the ladder of popularity. We also create profiles for you on a bunch of other related sites to build your website’s credibility with Google. This is like becoming friends with Google’s friends so Google will acknowledge you ;) 


Finally, we can also use digital PR methods to try to get your brand and website publicity which helps you get even more popular on Google. 

Examples of Google Ranking


Is it possible to get to the first page of Google search results in Goa?

Yes, if you have a business which doesn’t have a lot of competitors who have invested in SEO, it may be possible to get on the first page of Google search results.

Even if you do have competitors, it may be possible to outrank them in time with original content like blog posts and digital PR. 

What does on-page and off-page SEO mean and which does Blurb do?

On-page are the activities you do on your website such as writing meta-data or descriptions in the backend of your website page. Off-page are activities you do off your website such as replying to a query on Quora adding your website link. Blurb does both since both are needed to get the best rankings you can on Google. 

Do you do SEO on websites that you haven’t designed? 

No, we prefer to do SEO on websites that we have designed. However, if your website was designed on a platform like Wix, Framer or WordPress, we could do SEO for you.

Do you also help write blog posts? 

Yes, we can write blog posts for you, around twice a month.

What about Google My Business?

We also optimise your Google My Business listing. That’s the first link that comes up on Google when you search for your business name. It displays your contact information, directions to your office, reviews and more. This is a great way for local customers to find you.

How would we know that our rankings are improving on Google?

We provide monthly reports that show you how much your rankings have increased, while we also report on our deliverables.

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