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Digital PR = Traditional PR and SEO Combined

Once you’ve branded your product or service, you’ve got to let people know, right? Public Relations or PR is the process of letting people know your product or service exists in the media


Our reputation or image is pretty important to us, right? That’s why PR can be the secret sauce for a brand’s success. As the internet came in, we began to reach more people by sharing info about our companies online.

So nowadays, it’s become important to manage your company’s image online too via ‘digital PR’. Any place your company appears online falls under the umbrella of digital PR. Media website articles, social media, blog posts, forums… Everything! 


It helps to build up your brand’s image and communications online over time. This takes a fair amount of work and expertise. So if you need a hand, give us a call.

Digital PR Explained

Case Study

Slow Tide Restaurant Launch

We wrote a general press note about the restaurant as well as about the architect since he was ranked as one of the world’s best. We got coverage in all of the most important national media magazines in the lifestyle world such as Conde Nast Traveler and we also got an article specifically about the architect in Architectural Digest. 


The result was a resounding success in terms of awareness for the first season of Slow Tide and they continue to be a popular destination for food and drink in Goa.

  • How many articles or mentions can you get in national media?
    We can share a target media list based on your industry vertical, write a press note and follow up with the media outlets. As long as the topic is newsworthy, we aim for at least one article or mention per month, in a major newspaper or magazine website.
  • What assistance does the agency need from the client?
    We would require all the interesting details about your product or service so that we can determine how to position your story to the media and which media might be interested in covering your story.
  • What kind of influencers do you approach and do we need to pay?
    We identify the right influencers that would amplify the reach of your product or service to your target audience. Sometimes, influencers with fewer followers agree to a barter collaboration. However, influencers with many thousands of followers generally like to be paid for the content created about your product or service. In this case, we would coordinate on your behalf and recommend a budget to you.
  • How do we outrank our competitors on Google?
    We look at your competitor’s backlinks and understand how we can build better backlinks for your business. This may take a few months to achieve but eventually you can outrank your competitors on Google.
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